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Signature Cakes

"A party without cake is just a meeting." -Julia Child

Let us make the design and ordering process easy and convenient! All Sugar Lab Bake Shop Signature Cakes are hand crafted with four layers of cake and three layers of filling. The finishing touches ensure a delicious and beautiful cake that will give your special event that extra touch of sweetness it deserves. Each category of Signature Cake has its own level of customization options. The absolute cut-off for these cakes is two days prior at NOON (ex: Thursday for Saturday pick-up). However, some weeks we do reach our limit on all cakes prior to this cut-off so we always recommend advanced ordering. For anything completely custom, we require 2-3 weeks notice. please see the information here: Custom Cakes

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Signature Flavor Cakes

These cakes are our first tier (ha! get it?) of specialty cakes. They are simply beautiful and delicious. Click HERE for more details. 


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Signature Buttercream Cakes

These cakes are our second tier of customization! You can customize the color to coordinate with your event. Click HERE for more details. 

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Deluxe Buttercream Cakes

These cakes are our third and final tier of customization before reaching custom cakes. They have the most customization options, unique to each design. Click HERE for more information.