Sugar Lab Bake Shop Desserts

Here you'll find all of the information on all of desserts. To inquire about ordering custom designs, email Include any pictures you would like to use as reference in addition to how many you would like to order so we an quote accordingly. 


$27 per dozen. Order minimum 12 per flavor, unless we are already baking it that week.

cake batter oreo
chocolate chip
chocolate crinkle
chocolate peanut butter chip
coconut macaroons $30 per dozen, available plain or chocolate dipped
double chocolate sea salt
lemon crinkle
Loretta's: named after Ali's great grandmother. coconut, oats, and almond slivers
molasses chip *seasonal
oatmeal chocolate chip
orange crinkle
peanut butter
pumpkin spice *seasonal
white chocolate macadamia nut

French macarons

$27 per dozen. Minimum order 12 per flavor, unless already baking that week. Custom shell colors are available for an additional $3 per dozen, with a minimum order of 24 for custom colors.

Birthday Cake: birthday cake batter buttercream | Purple shell with rainbow sprinkles
Blueberry Cheesecake: blueberry cream cheese | Blue shell
Chocolate: chocolate fudge buttercream | Dark brown shell
Cookies & Cream: oreo buttercream filling (not gluten-free) | Grey shell with crushed oreos
Cotton Candy: cotton candy buttercream | Light blue shell with pink chocolate drizzle
French Toast: Cinnamon and maple buttercream | Cream shell with cinnamon
Fruity Pebbles: fruity pebble buttercream | Teal shell
Lavender: lavender buttercream | Light purple shell
Lemon: lemon buttercream and lemon curd | Yellow Shell
Mint Chip: mint chip buttercream | Mint green shell with chocolate drizzle
Mocha: coffee and chocolate buttercream | Light brown shell
Nutella: nutella buttercream | Brown shell
Orangesicle: vanilla orange buttercream | Orange shell
PB&J: peanut butter buttercream and strawberry or raspberry jam | Raspberry pink shell
Pistachio: pistachio buttercream | Green shell
Raspberry: raspberry buttercream | Deep pink shell
Salted Caramel: salted caramel buttercream and caramel sauce | Deep ivory shell with gold sprinkles
S'mores: marshmallow buttercream | Red shells dipped in chocolate with graham cracker crumbs
Strawberry: strawberry buttercream | Pink Shell
Strawberry Lemonade: raspberry buttercream and lemon curd | Pink shell with yellow sprinkles
Vanilla bean: vanilla bean buttercream | Cream shell with rainbow sprinkles

 flavor requests can be made-we love to experiment!

Mini Tarts and Cheesecakes

$33 per dozen. Minimum order of 12 per flavor

chocolate peanut butter cheesecake: chocolate cookie crust, peanut butter cheese cake, classic cheesecake topping
key lime: graham cracker crust, key lime custard filling, toasted meringue topping
lemon meringue: graham cracker crust, lemon custard filling, toasted meringue topping
pumpkin pecan cheesecake: gingersnap pecan crust, pumpkin cheesecake, vanilla bean cheesecake topping, caramel sauce drizzle
vanilla bean cheesecake: graham cracker crust, vanilla bean cheesecake, vanilla bean cheesecake topping

Mini pies

$33 per dozen with crumb topping | $36 per dozen with lattice topping. | $36 per dozen gluten-free or vegan crusts/topping
Minimum order 12 per flavor. 

All pies with classic all butter pate brisse crust. 
caramel apple: with granny smith, fuji, and gala apples, a tough of cinnamon and a dollop of salted caramel. available in crumble topping and lattice
peach: with yellow peaches and crumb topping
pecan: loaded with roasted pecans. topped with whole roasted pecan
pumpkin: spiced pumpkin custard pie topped with fresh vanilla bean whipped cream
triple berry: with raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. available in crumble topping and lattice

White chocolate macadamia nut popcon

$6 for 3 oz | $14 for 8 oz | $22.50 for 16 oz

Kelly's infamous white chocolate macadamia nut popcorn has been a secret family recipe for decades. We don't even tell our staff the recipe. This detectible treat is sneakily addictive - you won't even realize it until you've hit the bottom of the bag. Bulk prices begins at 6 lbs total.