Below are our current flavor options-but we are more than happy to accommodate requests. We can make a cake of any flavor. No, seriously, we mean it. Just give us enough notice to experiment. Note that almost all of our cakes can be made gluten-free, with just a slight increase in price. 

Cake Flavors
Chocolate * Vanilla Bean * Red Velvet * White Almond * Carrot * Lemon Buttermilk * Cookies & Cream * Toffee * Brown Sugar Buttermilk * Banana * Coconut * Apple * Confetti * Strawberry * Pumpkin * German Chocolate

Buttercream Based Fillings
Vanilla * Vanilla Bean * Chocolate Fudge * Mocha * Lemon * Mint * Peanut Butter * Cookies & Cream * Strawberry * Raspberry * Blueberry * Salted Caramel * Irish Cream * Banana Brown Sugar * Cinnamon * Cookie Dough 

Cream Cheese Based Fillings
Vanilla * Cinnamon * Lemon * Coconut * Caramel 

Other Fillings
 * Peanut Butter Cup * Cookie Dough * German Chocolate * Caramel Sauce

Unique Combinations
Black and White: alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla bean cake with vanilla bean and chocolate fudge fillings
Neapolitan: alternating layers of chocolate and vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream filling
Raspberry Lemonade: lemon buttermilk cake with raspberry buttercream filling
Vanilla Strawberry: vanilla bean cake with strawberry buttercream filling
Chocolate peanut butter truffle: chocolate cake with peanut butter cup and peanut butter buttercream filling
Strawberries & cream: strawberry cake with vanilla buttercream filling
Bananas Foster: banana cake with banana brown sugar and caramel sauce filling

Icing Options

Swiss Meringue Buttercream is a light, rich and silky buttercream made from egg whites, granulated sugar, butter and flavoring. It is our buttercream of choice for not only it's flavor, but it's texture that lends itself well to cake decorating. We can frost using any flavored swiss meringue buttercream, although vanilla is our favorite!
Rolled Fondant: Our fondant is one of the few things we don't make from scratch. We use the brand Fondarific - it's one of the best tasting fondants! Many of our customers describe it as marshmallows or taffy. We roll our fondant approximately 1/8 thick and then drape it over a layer of buttercream. That way, you get the best of both worlds-smooth flawless fondant with a layer of tasty buttercream underneath.