Construction Progress

Mom and I are so anxious to get into our new place. If you haven't heard already, we are currently in what I like to call "Pause Weeks". Our new kitchen isn't quite ready for us to move in yet and we're starting the process of packing our old kitchen on Sherwin Ave, so we aren't accepting orders now through April 16. We realize this is a bit of a buzzkill, but we would much rather lose out on your business now, than have to cancel last minute because we don't have a place to work on your order. [Those with weddings during that time, don't fret-we do have a back up in place and I guarantee you will have your wedding cake!] 

While we wait for construction to finish, we'll start our deep clean of our old place and have some team bonding times! Plus, we'll be working on some remaining recipes that we want to test out. In the mean time, enjoy some of these progress pictures!