Flavor and Pre-Designed Cakes

"A party without cake is just a meeting." -Julia Child

. Sometimes you just need a great tasting cake without all the bells and whistles. This is where Sugar Lab Bake Shop's Signature Cakes come in. We have designed these cakes for ease of ordering. With just a handful of customizable options we are able to offer these cakes at a lower price point than a custom cake. All Sugar Lab Bake Shop cakes are created with four layers of delicious cake and three layers of decadent filling. They are then frosted with a variety of buttercreams and finishes to ensure not only a delicious cake but also a cake that will wow your guests. All options are available in 6" (serves up to 12), 8" (serves up to 24) and 10" (serves up to 35). Please note that while these cakes can be ordered with less time (see specific categories for timing) we may be booked for all cake orders. 

Signature Flavor Cakes

For signature flavor cakes, we require 2 days notice. For instance, if you would like to pick-up the cake on Saturday, you need to place the order prior to NOON on Thursday. 6": $45 | 8": $60 | 10" $80

·      Vanilla Bean: Vanilla Bean Cake, Vanilla Bean swiss filling, smooth vanilla bean swiss frosting. Ring of rosettes on top

·      Chocolate Lovers: Chocolate cake, chocolate fudge frosting, smooth chocolate frosting, chocolate ganache drizzle

·      Vanilla Fudge: vanilla bean cake, chocolate fudge filling, homestyle texture fudge frosting

·      Black and white: vanilla bean and chocolate cakes, vanilla bean and chocolate fudge fillings, horizontal texture vanilla bean swiss

·      Salted caramel toffee: toffee cake, salted caramel + toffee bits filling, smooth salted caramel frosting, caramel sauce drizzle + toffee bits

·      Red velvet: classic red velvet, vanilla cream cheese filling, smooth vanilla swiss frosting, red velvet crumbs on top and sides

·      Confetti: vanilla cake with sprinkles, sprinkle swiss filling, sprinkle swiss frosting, ring of rosettes on top with sprinkles

·      Coconut: coconut cake, vanilla cream cheese, vanilla swiss, shredded coconut

·      Chocolate salted caramel: chocolate cake, salted caramel filling, smooth salted caramel swiss, caramel sauce

·      German chocolate: german chocolate cake, coconut pecan filling, horizontal texture chocolate fudge frosting, coconut pecan mixture on top with chocolate fudge rosettes

·      White chocolate raspberry: white chocolate cake, white chocolate raspberry + fresh raspberry filling, homestyle vanilla swiss, ring of raspberries on top

·      Carrot: carrot spice cake, vanilla cream cheese filling, diagonal textured vanilla swiss frosting

·      Lemon raspberry: lemon cake, raspberry swiss filling, smooth raspberry swiss frosting, cluster of fresh raspberries

·      Cookies & Cream: Vanilla cake swirled with oreos, oreo swiss filling, smooth oreo swiss frosting, crushed oreos

·      Marshmallow kiss: chocolate cake, marshmallow filling, smooth marshmallow frosting, marshmallow kisses + sanding sugar

·      Chocolate raspberry: chocolate cake, raspberry swiss filling, smooth raspberry swiss frosting, ganache drizzle

·      White almond Strawberry: white almond cake, strawberry swiss filling, vertical texture strawberry swiss frosting, cluster fresh strawberries

·      French toast: cinnamon cake, maple swiss filling, smooth cinnamon swiss frosting, cinnamon ganache drizzle